We do well for life.

They do diets for days.
Yeah, we're not down with the fad, crash and yo-yo dieting thing. They damage our bodies.* And they send so many of us back into unhealthy cycles.
Not cool.
We believe everyone deserves a healthy, long term relationship with food.
It's why we're here. And it's why we created a science-based, credential-backed app: To help more of us build healthy habits for the long haul.

Speaking of We...

Hear it straight from our founder:

"We created Wellory because diet culture is damaging. And this is true for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. Yet nothing helpful, affordable or accessible existed.

Nothing gave us the education, resources and support to change our relationships with food for good. But now, we're helping hundreds make micro-adjustments that add up to something huge."

-Emily and The Wellory Team

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