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A faster, more affordable, personalized

health coach experience

When it comes to your health, we've got pretty high standards. 

Wellory delivers 1:1 personalized health coaching through phone, video and text. 

Our mission is to provide you a faster and higher quality

health coach experience that fits into your lifestyle.

Start feeling good every day. 




stress & sleep

Stay accountable

Your Health Coach

Wellory Health Coaches are certified experts who use multidimensional holistic approaches, including diet, exercise, mental health and lifestyle to improve your personal wellness and keep you accountable to gaining optimal results. 

Your Health Will Benefit

We believe in the power of longterm results through expert accountability and personalized coaching. It takes a village to make dreams come true. 

Affordable, Accessible. 

Finally, health coaching that fits a wellness budget. 

  • 30 minute sessions

  • Phone or video calls

  • Unlimited messaging

  • Custom plans


"I've never had someone or something change my life so much!"


"Wellory helped me get my weight to where I want it and keep me accountable to my gym routine."


"My health coach is part of my life. I literally don't know what I would do without her."

Real Results

For You

Ready to feel your best?

Memberships include video or phone health coach sessions,  unlimited messaging,  curated content just for you & more!

For Health Coaches

Are you a health coach?

Join the Health Coach Collective to access a full community of health coaches, business experts, marketing experts, job opportunities, events and more! 

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