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3 Tips to Make Wellory Work for You

You’ve dumped dieting and teamed up with a Wellorist—congrats! We’re the first anti-diet app committed to delivering one-on-one nutrition coaching online. Here’s why: Diets are damaging. Not only do they harm the body but they also create a fearful approach to food - both of which can prove to be extremely unhealthy in the long run. Counting calories or completely eliminating certain food groups from your dietary intake can have a disastrous effect on your eating habits as well as body.

Food is fuel for the body and mind. Wholesome and nutritional food is essential and it can be tasty too. We’ve made it our mission to help abolish the diet culture. Making healthy and long-lasting changes to our diet and above all our approach to food is easy with our app, which is designed to make personalized nutrition accessible to all.

To help you on your way towards building healthier habits, here are 3 tips to get the most out of Wellory.

1. Customize Your Mealtime Reminders ⏰

We don’t do one-size-fits-all nutrition advice. We do personalized recommendations based on how you already eat. But your Wellorist can only offer personalized advice when you're sharing photos of how you're already eating.

One of the most important tips of our online nutrition coaching is: Don’t miss a meal. And to make sure you never miss a meal, head to your Profile and set your custom mealtime reminders. Even if you end up eating a bit before or after the times you choose, the notification will help you remember to snap that photo.

Remember, the more you share, the better this will work. (We promise.)

Mealtime Reminders

2. Let Go of the Fast Fix Mentality ⏪

Most of us are here because whatever we tried before didn’t work. Sure, maybe you once found a diet that worked for a while—until weekends, holidays, cravings, and a social life got in the way. But we don’t play that on-again, off-again game. We’re here to foster a sustainable approach to food so you can improve your overall health, get fit, and stay so forever.

If you find yourself craving a fast fix, remember that dieting can seriously damage your body.* Besides, cultivating healthy and sustainable nutritional habits takes time. That’s why we’re focused on building habits one meal at a time instead, with our diet support.

To customize approach for dieting, finding what works best for you and your situation is important. Wellory works best when you and your Wellorist put time and care into figuring out what really works for you. So focus on the one micro-adjustment you’re working towards today and try not to speed through the process. Be patient in the idea that these micro-adjustments will add up, leading to significant positive changes that ultimately result in huge benefits and visible effects.

Plus, your Wellorist is an expert in recommending big-impact habits, so you can trust that they have your personal goals in mind with each suggestion, no matter how small it may seem.

3. Over-Communicate—the ups, the downs, and everything in between 💬

Not feeling a recommendation that your Wellorist made? Let them know! There are no hard feelings here. 🤗

Ongoing communication is key to ongoing success—so let your Wellorist know what you like, what you don’t, and when you just need to switch things up.

Our goal is to help find healthy routines that work for you, with our personalized online nutrition coaching. And your Wellorist will regularly ask you questions to figure this out. So answer openly and honestly. The more you share, the better!

Share your feedback

As we make way towards a healthier you, pop in to tell us how it’s going. What’s working? What’s not? What can we do better for you?

Let us know! It’s what we’re here for. Remember sharing is the first step towards making Wellory work for you. Email us anytime:

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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