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4 Reasons Why People Are Flocking to This Anti-Diet Nutrition App

Today’s consumers are tired of being barked at to “sign up here to lose 30 lbs fast” or told that they can finally achieve the perfect figure – but only if they eat just three almonds for every meal or drink this protein powder or consume nothing but raw eggs.

A recent poll suggests that the average person will try 126 fad diets over their lifetime (trying about two per year for a little under a week each)* and still won’t see the results they want. Today’s consumers are over it, and rightfully so.

The myth of the perfect weight-loss diet has been thoroughly punctured, and consumers are hungry for an approach to nutrition and health that actually feels good and yields long-term results.

In the wake of this fallout with fad diets, people are flocking to this new anti-diet nutrition app called “Wellory” aiming to end the diet game — and there are four reasons why:

1. A mission centered around helping you feel better.

Wellory goes against the grain of the typical “diet stuff” like calorie counting, food restrictions, and quick but unsustainable weight loss – as well as the deep shame, guilt, and self-deprecation that can accompany diet culture.

Instead, Wellory offers a sustainable, personal, science-backed approach to nutrition that’s centered around helping you feel better, whatever that means for you. Because that’s largely what underpins diet culture: the desire to feel better, whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally.

The focus is on helping you rewire your relationship to food and achieve sustainable, long-term results by focusing on one small change at a time, rather than drastic changes.

2. Experts, not just coaches.

In recent years, the health and wellness sector has been plagued with unqualified health “coaches” who may or may not have the expertise to strategically, safely, and sustainably lead clients to their goals. But, today’s consumer questions the vague qualification of a “coach” when it’s not backed by the necessary credentials.

Unlike other companies, Wellory only hires top talent, highly vetted, credentialed professionals that are licensed nutritionists, certified health coaches, and registered dietitians. Because entrusting someone with the details of your journey towards better health is a big deal, and you deserve to be in good hands.

3. High-touch 1-on-1 Experience and Human Accountability

While Wellory is an app, Wellory’s experts (better known as “Wellorists”) are real-life people offering a high level of personal attention and daily support – not AI overlaid with a stock image of a smiling nutritionist.

When you’re dealing with something as complicated, personal, and emotionally delicate as a person’s relationship to food, their health and how they are feeling, real-life support is critical to set that person up for success in their journey towards feeling better.

That’s why Wellory believes that once a week or monthly check-ins are just not enough. At Wellory, members are hearing from their coaches Monday through Friday, working together as a team to stay accountable to your goals on a daily basis.

Without that concierge-level support, abandoning health goals is all too easy and can lead to many complications. You probably already know that, but statistics paint a pretty bleak picture of a society that’s overweight and isolated: the number one leading cause of death in the United States is poor diet, and in 2021, over 70% of American adults are overweight or obese.** And in terms of mental health, research reveals that 62% of Americans – that’s 3 in 5 – feel lonely.***

But good news, you’re 95% more likely to hit your goals when you team up and when combining personalization, human expertise, and technology to create behavior change, all people can reorient their relationship with food and live a healthy, abundant life.

4. Personalized to your specific lifestyle

Everyone is different — with their own unique set of genes, metabolism, hormone levels, health conditions, taste preferences, allergies, and lifestyle. That’s why there's no one-size-fits-all solution to nutrition. Unlike with other companies, Wellory’s content is hyper-personalized and recommended to you based on your personal goals, preferences, lifestyle, and actual progress. Other companies’ content and recommendations stay static regardless of life’s inevitable changes.

If you are feeling under the weather you can ask your Wellorist how food can help soothe your stomach, support your immune system, reverse cold symptoms, and replenish essential vitamins. If stress is creeping in as a work deadline draws near you can talk to your Wellorist about using food to support production of feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin and keep your energy up If your blood sugar is out of whack you can ask your Wellorist for simple but nourishing recipes that can help you regulate it.

Ready to dump dieting for good?

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