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5 Tips To Help You Stop Obsessing Over The Scale

Ah, the scale. It can be both a helpful tool for measuring progress and a damaging fixation that creates more harm than good. If you feel tied to the scale as your only marker of success, and a pit in your stomach when you don’t see the number you’re hoping for, you’re not alone. It can feel all-consuming and exhausting to constantly be concerned about your next “weigh in.”

Here at Wellory, we work with many clients who have chosen to go on a sustainable weight loss journey for a variety of reasons.

First, there’s nothing wrong with desiring to feel or look like the best version of you! Healthy, sustainable weight loss is important for many people for a variety of reasons. There is absolutely no shame in that. The important thing is to prioritize adding in healthy foods and behaviors to support a healthy weight - not restriction.

Second, focusing on how you feel as the most impactful marker of success is key for achieving your goal. If you focus too much on the number on the scale, it can create an unhealthy cycle of shame, guilt, and negative self-talk. There are so many other ways to measure progress and celebrate your wins! You deserve to feel free from the pesky little scale and confident in your unique body.

Here are a few simple tips to truly stop obsessing over the scale:

1. Celebrate Non-Scale Wins Often As mentioned, we support our clients with so many non-weight related health goals. Whether it’s more energy, less bloating, clothes fit more comfortably, or you feel stronger, identifying small wins that add up to big changes creates the consistency and motivation you need to stay grounded in your health. At the end of the day, how you feel and show up in your life is what matters most! Finding happiness and confidence in the habits you’re building and the positive changes you’re feeling is invaluable.

2. Check In With Yourself Every Single Day Try checking in with yourself first thing in the morning and every night before bed. How does your body feel? What’s going on for you emotionally? What do you need more of? What do you need less of? Taking these small moments for yourself throughout the day really heightens your awareness and intuition about your health. It will help you feel more grounded and aligned in your body, and create a different set of markers for measuring progress.

3. Practice Mindful Eating + Meditation Eating in front of a screen, or on the go, or while working doesn’t allow our brains or our bodies to truly receive the nourishment we’re consuming. Sure, we’re getting the nutrients we need, but when we look up from our meal we think “What even just happened? Did I even eat?” and we’ve gone through an entire family-size bag of chips. Practicing mindful eating helps us feel satisfied, nourished, and at peace with our food choices. When we get to that place with our meals, the number on the scale becomes less and less important. Incorporating a daily meditation practice - even just 3 minutes - can drastically change our awareness and consciousness to be more present.

4. Move Your Scale Out of Sight
Or, get rid of it completely! Don’t keep it in front of your mirror or next to your shower, either. Having the scale front and center is just tempting fate. If you really want to stop obsessing over the scale, give yourself the gift of not seeing it day in and day out. It’s not helpful to test or challenge your willpower. As in all things, it’s important to change your environment to set yourself up for success. This is a super simple, but really effective way to break the habit of waking up and immediately going to the scale. Trust us, it will feel good too.

5. Incorporate Weekly Scale Check Ins If you feel like checking the scale every once in a while isn’t very triggering for you, plan to incorporate a weekly check in at most. This gives your body enough time to see results from your habit building, but not see the daily fluctuations that all of us have. If you notice it sparking negative thoughts or self-talk, take a step back, put it out of sight, and check in with yourself.

The scale is only one tool, among so many, that can support your sustainable weight loss journey. Having a specific goal in mind is amazing, but at the end of the day the number on the scale is not the most important factor in your health. You are not that number you see. It does not determine your self worth, beauty, or anything else at all. What ultimately matters most is truly how you feel in your body every single day. Want help ditching the scale and gaining a healthier relationship with food? Sign up for Wellory and match to a nutritionist today.

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