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Friday Feature: Clay Harbor

Clay Harbor

City: Chicago, IL Job Title/Profession: NFL Veteran and Reality TV Star IG Handle: @clayharbs82

Get To Know Me:

  • Go-to coffee shop: Sawada Coffee in West Loop, Chicago. They have a great "military latte" that's a mixture of matcha and coffee with oat milk. If you're ever in Chicago, you have to try it!
  • Go-to recipe at home: My famous lemon pepper chicken thighs - it's delicious.
  • What's one healthy habit or routine that's a non-negotiable? My workout routine. I make sure to hit the gym 6 times a week, even on vacation I always find a way to squeeze it in.
  • How did food play a part in your life growing up? Growing up, I wasn't that healthy. I started to see changes when I learned to eat healthier in college and it really helped me become an athlete.
  • What’s the one habit/guilty pleasure that is tough for you to break? My love for chocolate chip cookies. I don't eat them often anymore but if I do, I just make sure that they're organic and low-sugar. They still taste great!

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Beer, Wine or Cocktails?: I actually like all three, it just depends on my mood. If I'm at a sporting event, I'm drinking beer. If I'm relaxing at home, I'm probably drinking some wine. If I'm going out with friends and celebrating something, I'm most likely drinking cocktails.
  • Coffee or Tea?: I love coffee and tea, but the first thing I wake up is drink some tea. I love good coffee as well, checking out cool coffee shops is one of my favorite things to do when I travel to new places.
  • Favorite cocktail: Smoky, skinny margarita.
  • Favorite post-workout meal: Spaghetti and turkey meatballs.
  • Favorite dessert: By far and away, my favorite dessert is a chocolate chip cookie. I also have a soft spot for brownies and cinnamon rolls, but chocolate chip cookies are my #1.

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