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Friday Feature: Ross Clark, CEO & Founder of Sanctuary

Ross Clark

City: New York, NY

Job Title/Profession: CEO and Co-Founder of Sanctuary

IG Handle: @sanctuarywrld @rossdclark

Get To Know Me:

  • Go-to coffee shop: La Colombe
  • Go-to recipe at home: Chicken fajitas with Siete chips and homemade guacamole.
  • How did food play a part in your life growing up? I grew up in North Carolina so was totally immersed in the foodways and traditions of the South. Cooking and eating recipes passed down from generation to generation was and continues to be one of the most important ways my family comes together.
  • How did food play a part in your life growing up? Growing up, I wasn't that healthy. I started to see changes when I learned to eat healthier in college and it really helped me become an athlete.
  • What's one healthy habit or routine that's a non-negotiable? Exercising 5-6 times every week and 10K steps a day!

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Beer, Wine or Cocktails?: Wine, I've recently gotten very into Spanish Riojas and Greek wines.
  • Coffee or Tea?: Coffee, no question.
  • Favorite workout class: Barry’s Bootcamp
  • First things you do when you wake up: Make an espresso.
  • Childhood meal you will always remember: My grandma’s macaroni and cheese.
  • Favorite vegetable: Shishito peppers.
  • Favorite comfort food: Pizza, pizza, pizza.
  • Pizza or burgers (and why?): Pizza because it is literally the best food on the planet.
  • Favorite special occasion restaurant: Carbone
  • Favorite dessert: Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding

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