Healthy Routines for Remote Work

Working remotely? It's important to adapt your daily routine to prioritize your health! So how can you stick to a healthy Monday-Friday routine at home? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

From our team of nutritionists: 5 tips for a healthy remote work routine.

1. Eat breakfast

When you’re working remotely, you might wake up a bit later and go directly from bed to your laptop. Instead, take time between waking up and beginning work to eat breakfast and kickstart your day. Eating a balanced breakfast full of fiber, protein and healthy fats will help you have a focused, productive morning and prevent snacking later in the day. Try oatmeal with 2 tbsp of pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and berries.

-Jen, Wellory Nutritionist

2. Schedule your lunch and dinner

Planning lunch and dinner adds structure to your day that you might otherwise be missing when working from home. Take a moment to schedule time in your calendar to eat lunch and dinner, then plan your work around it. This helps you prioritize your time, eat balanced meals, and prevent overeating at night once your work is complete.

-Kelsey, Wellory Nutritionist

3. Plate it

If you’re having a snack, don’t eat it out of the box, bag or jar just because you’re in the convenience of your own home. Instead, plate everything—even if you’re just having a couple of bites. For example, if you’re eating almond butter, don’t have a spoonful right out of the jar. Instead, put it on celery or an apple and eat it off a plate. This will help you make intentional choices and avoid overeating. -Rachel, Wellory Nutritionist

4. Swap commute time for cook time

Saving time on your usual commute? Take advantage and experiment with new recipes. If you tend to order takeout during the workweek, this is a great time to try out some new recipes at home. Start with this immune-boosting lentil and veggie soup—a big batch will last you all week long! -Paige, Wellory Nutritionist

5. Move more

Used to walking down long hallways to the bathroom, heading to the office kitchen for water breaks, or popping around to coworkers desks throughout the day? If you’re working from home, you’re likely not moving as much as you do in your office. To stay healthy, make a point to get movement in. Try pacing around the room while taking calls, standing up at the start of every hour, or scheduling 15-minute stretch breaks on your calendar.

-Nyssa, Wellory Nutritionist

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