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Protein Breakfast Bowls


A protein-rich breakfast provides lasting morning energy and helps to regulate hunger throughout the day.

Create Your Meal

Step 1: Pick a produce base

  • Savory: Cooked greens (spinach, kale), peppers, onion, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes
  • Sweet: Sweet potato, berries, banana or other fruit

Step 2: Pick a protein

  • Savory: Eggs, chicken sausage, turkey bacon, stir-fried tofu, black beans
  • Sweet: Plain greek yogurt, plain cottage cheese, or nut-based yogurt

Step 3: Add a healthy fat

Avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butter

Step 4: Add toppings

  • Savory: Hot sauce, salsa, fresh herbs
  • Sweet: Cinnamon, toasted oats, coconut flakes, cacao powder

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