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The Wellory Difference

The Wellory Difference

83% of dieters end up gaining more weight than they’ve lost in the first 2 years. Why? Because one-size-fits all is not a solution.

The truth is, you deserve a lot better. Like expert nutrition coaching from someone who really cares about you and your goals.

That’s where Wellory comes in.

What is Wellory?

Wellory is the anti-diet nutrition app that helps you become healthier, lose weight, and keep it off through daily 1-on-1 expert nutrition coaching with a real human (not a robot).

The Wellory App

Through your Wellory App, you are empowered to optimize your daily nutrition routines and communicate with your certified coach for questions, support, and feedback. Ask & answer key questions about your eating habits like: “What meals did I eat yesterday, last week...last month”, and “Should I eat fruits before, during, or after lunch?”

Why is Nutrition Critical to Weight Loss?

Contrary to the narrative that diet culture feeds us, losing weight – and then keeping it off – doesn’t come from cutting down calories; it hinges on building positive manageable habits and consuming calories from high-quality foods that support your overall health (think: physical, mental, emotional). This, in a nutshell, is what we mean when we talk about “nutrition.”

In a large study led by the director of nutrition studies at the Stanford Prevention Research center in 2018, researchers found that it wasn’t people who went low-carb or low-fat who lost weight. Instead, it was those who “changed their relationship with food” and began avoiding overly processed foods in favor of nourishing foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains who lost the most weight – all without counting calories or micromanaging portion size.*

Keeping weight off comes down to habit creation and upkeep, not long-term calorie restriction. In other words, thinking about how you might add more nourishment to a meal rather than what you have to subtract.

Why is Wellory different?

We’re on a mission to disrupt diet culture and make our relationships with food — and ourselves — healthier for good.

Unlike other solutions, Wellory is focused on helping you build a sustainable routine that you can maintain and enjoy. Forget yo-yo dieting and vicious weight cycles. We want you to achieve lifelong goals and our meal-by-meal approach is designed to help you do just that.

  • EXPERTS INSTEAD OF DIETS - Match to your certified health coach (better known as your “Wellorist”) and receive a personalized nutrition plan, feedback, and daily advice on how to build sustainable healthy habits to achieve your goals.
  • MEAL BY MEAL INSTEAD OF DRASTIC CHANGES - We’ll take you through a 7 steps, proven meal by meal process (think only focusing on breakfast before moving on to the next step) that helps you build habits at a pace that works best for you. No big extreme changes. Just one meal at a time.
  • PHOTO TRACKING INSTEAD OF CALORIE COUNTING - Tracking what you eat just got a lot easier and faster! No more counting, searching, or calculating calories, macros, or ingredients. Simply snap a photo of your meal to log and share it with your Wellorist.
  • PERSONAL ADVICE, ZERO JUDGMENT - Stay on track with support, feedback and advice from your Wellorist. You’ll hear from your Wellorist once a day, Monday-Friday, through in-app messaging and photo comments. And yes — you can book video calls as well.

Tailored To You (no one-size-fit-all plans)

Everyone is different — with their own unique set of genes, metabolism, hormone levels, taste preferences, allergies, and lifestyle. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for you. Our proven 7-step meal by meal approach fits into your lifestyle and adjusts with you as life happens (and we know it will!).

  • Feeling sick today? Ask your Wellorist for recommendations on how to use food to boost your immune system.
  • Had a tough workout? Sort through your recipes to find a high protein meal that has all the ingredients you love.

Easy To Use

Diets don’t work. They can be lonely, anxiety-producing and there’s just no such thing as a one-size fits all plan.

Getting started on Wellory is simple. It all starts with a 30-minute session where your nutrition expert gets to know you and your unique goals. From there, simply take a photo of your meals in the app and your Wellorist will share feedback, offer support and create a custom habit plan for you with weekly goals to hit. Gone are the days of spending hours painstakingly logging food ingredient by ingredient – with Wellory, all it takes is a few seconds to snap a quick picture of your meal and click “send.”

  • Unlimited messaging: Text your Wellorist as much as you want for personalized, concierge-level support in reaching your health goals.
  • Video calls: Need to talk it out? Book a 20-minute call with your Wellorist at any time directly through the app.
  • Information at your fingertips: Stop searching the internet for hours trying to figure out what diet works for you – just text your Wellorist instead.
  • Personalized habits: Click your “Habits” tab to see what habit your Wellorist recommended for you, learn why your habit is important for your goal and the value it delivers to you.
  • Recommended recipes: No more overly sponsored blog recipes that are hard to follow. Choose from hundreds of recipes directly in the app that are tailored to you and your busy lifestyle.

Feel confident in the choices you’re making and reassured that you’re on the path for success. Wellory’s easy-to-use habit forming plan is guaranteed to help you lose weight and prioritize your health for the long-term. Most Wellory members begin experiencing lasting results within 10 weeks, with significant improvements by month 4.

What Does Wellory Track?

Understanding what you eat and what you drink is a pivotal part of ensuring a healthier you. Wellory tracks your food, your water intake and your habits on a daily basis. We’ll help you measure what you’re eating and how that impacts your goals and overall health.

Food First.

The health and wellness industry is flooded with solutions and fads: from fitness equipment and wearables to consumer apps and magical food products, there’s no shortage of offerings to keep you busy. With Wellory, we’re staying focused on helping you eat well so you can have more energy in your day to do all the other things you love. A healthy lifestyle is 80% what you put into your body and 20% what you do to it, so let’s start prioritizing the biggest part of the pie.

Ready to dump dieting for good?

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