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What is a Nutrition Coach and Why Are They Important?

What is a Nutrition Coach and Why Are They Important?

A Nutrition Coach is a dedicated expert in your health journey, providing the necessary guidance, support, and accountability to help you reach your specific goals. Nutrition Coaches help you create small, step-by-step habits that have a huge impact and actually last for the long-term. Unlike the latest diet trend or quick fix, Nutrition Coaches help you create sustainable transformation in a way that fits seamlessly into your life. Identifying personalized strategies to incorporate healthy habits is a key aspect of working with a Nutrition Coach, along with the consistent support and accountability to help you actually make changes.

Nutrition Coaches start off by getting to really know you, your eating habits, overall lifestyle, movement practice, stress, and specific goals in a supportive and judgement-free space. Their job is to become an expert on you! With a deep-dive relationship and ongoing support, Nutrition Coaches provide the dedicated time and attention traditional healthcare practitioners usually aren’t able to. This level of care is highly supportive, motivating, and transformational! At Wellory, our Nutrition Coaches have daily messaging communication with their clients in addition to video calls. The consistency and bond between a Nutrition Coach and client allows for true change to occur.

There is so much (really, so much) nutrition information out there, and it is so hard to sift through it all to understand exactly what will work best for you. That’s where a Nutrition Coach comes in. Because they are an expert on you and on nutrition, they take into account your existing habits, preferences, circumstances, health concerns, and goals, to provide specific and targeted advice that’s JUST for you. Let’s say you are really struggling with fatigue for many weeks. You can do a quick Google search and come up with a few general ideas to try out, but what if you had a Nutrition Coach to take a look at exactly what you were eating and drinking, when you were moving your body, how you were sleeping, and where sources of stress might be coming from and make specific recommendations based on that information? Think of all of the time and energy saved trying to do it all on your own!

The true secret sauce of a Nutrition Coach is their focus on behavior change and mindset shifts.They bridge the gap between wanting to eat healthier and actually eating healthier. Changing human behavior is hard! Willpower and motivation are simply not enough - it takes dedicated support and accountability. Nutrition Coaches work on incorporating small habits, step-by-step and meal-by-meal, that add up to big change and hold you accountable to those habits every step of the way. The value in having someone deeply care and be committed to your health journey is unmatched - you always have your Nutrition Coach to help answer questions, work through challenges, and hold you accountable to your goals.

Mindset is a massive part of Nutrition Coaching and healthy behavior change. Nutrition Coaches work to help you shift your mindset away from negative self-talk or limiting beliefs about what you can or can’t accomplish, and towards future you. How do you want to feel in 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? What do you want your life to look like? Consistency creates confidence. A Nutrition Coach helps you tap into those intentions and take actionable steps through small consistent changes to build confidence.

Tracking progress, celebrating successes, and refocusing or reframing healthy habits are crucial for long-term success. A Nutrition Coach is there to show you how far you’ve come big or small - whether you’ve incorporated leafy greens everyday for the last week or have completely healed your digestive distress - your coach is your cheerleader. As challenges or obstacles come up, as they always do, a Nutrition Coach collaborates with you to make tweaks or optimizations that truly work for you.

In addition to transforming personal health, Nutrition Coaches are changing the way approach healthcare overall. Nutrition and lifestyle factors overwhelmingly contribute to the chronic disease epidemic in America. While our traditional healthcare system is typically not set up to equip individuals with the knowledge or support needed to stay healthy, Nutrition Coaches help clients change their behavior to prevent illness and lead healthier lives.

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